4-Port 50G/2-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 FlexE/MACsec Integrated Line Processing Unit(LPUI-242-G)

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Item CR5D0E2NBA72
Line-Rate capability Supports 200G line-rate forwarding.
Reliability and availability Hot swappable.
Restrictions and remarks 1. Interfaces 0 and 1 support the 100GE and 50GE modes, and interfaces 2 and 3 support only the 50GE mode.

2. When interface 0 works in 100G mode, interface 2 cannot work.

3. When interface 1 works in 100G mode, interface 3 cannot work.

4. Interfaces support FlexE, Interfaces 0 and 1 support 2x100G FlexE bonding and 2x50G FlexE bonding.

5. Because of software limitations, all interfaces do not support breakout and cannot be auto-negotiated to 40G.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 40.1 mm x 399.2 mm x 535.6 mm (1.58 in. x 15.72 in. x 21.09 in.)
Typical power consumption 315.0 W
Weight 8.9 kg (19.62 lb)

Additional information

Weight 15.0000 kg
Dimensions 75.0000 × 57.0000 × 17.0000 cm


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