1. Appearance check

Check whether it is the original packaging; whether there are scratches and rust on the equipment; we will screen the products with qualified appearance for power-on test.


2. Power-on test

Optical power testing: Test the TX power and RX power of the optical module/transceiver product to ensure the strength and quality of the optical signals meet the of the corresponding level.

For example, if the TX of the C++ level module is less than 5dBi, then we will replace other qualified modules for you.

Compatibility testing: Test the compatibility of products with other devices and systems, and verify the interoperability and compatibility of products on devices of different manufacturers and standards. For example, Huawei OLT and ZTE ONT; third-party optical transceivers and Huawei switches, etc.


3. Test report

Record the data during the test, summarize the test results, and form a detailed test report, including the evaluation results of optical transmission performance, optical port test, optical power test, etc.


4. Delivery

The test report will be printed on paper and packed with the corresponding equipment before shipping.