EC8B R1B PX20+

EC8B R1B PX20+

Fiberhome OLT EC8B R1B 8 ports Epon service card with SFP PX20+

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Fiberhome EC8B PX20+ Card Overview

The EC8B PX20+ is an 8-port GPON OLT interface board, which can be used in the Fiberhome AN5516 series OLT: AN5516-04, AN5516-06, AN5116-06B/AN5516-01.

It works with the optical network terminal (ONT) to provide EPON access service.

Also, it can work with some optical network unit (ONU) or MxU to provide GE/FE Ethernet service.

This board comes with PX20+ SFP modules, but you can also choose one that comes with Epon SFP PX20++.

If comes with PX20+, supports ONT/ONU access of up to 512 subscribers.
If comes with PX20++, supports ONT/ONU access of up to 1024 subscribers.

The EC8B card has two versions: R1C and R1B. R1B is the mainstream version of the market.  If a specific version is required, please contact [email protected].

Item Fiberhome EC8B PX20+
Service ports
EPON Port 8-GPON Port
EPON SFP Module Specification
Type PX20+ Module
Interface type SC/PC
Transmitter Signal nominal rate 2.5 Gbit/s ± 100 ppm
Wavelength range 1480 nm to 1500 nm
Mean launched power (maximum) +7 dBm
Mean launched power (minimum) +3 dBm
Average launched power of OFF transmitter -39 dBm
Extinction ratio (minimum) +9 dB
Receiver Signal nominal rate 1.25 Gbit/s ± 100 ppm
Wavelength range 1260 nm to 1360 nm
Maximum receiving sensitivity -30 dBm
Minimum overload optical power -8 dBm
Power Consumption ≤ 50W
MTBF (hour) 146606.07
MTBF (year) 16.74
Failure Rate (ppm) 6.821

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  1. 5 out of 5


    After comparing the three models, the staff explained in detail and finally chose px20 +, which is very in line with my needs.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The price is very economical, and compatible with three-party ONTs, like this card.

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