NetSure 531 A31-S4

NetSure 531 A31-S4

Vertiv NetSure 531 A31-S4 subrack power system

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NetSure 531 A31-S4 Overview

The Netsure™ 531 A31 series from Vertiv is a fully-integrated DC power system consisting of a rectifier and controller that provides maximum e iciency for mobile communication applications such as LTE and FTTx deployments or macro stations. It is designed to meet the high-e iciency demands of mobile applications, with high reliability, high power density, and fully digital features. The built-in high efficiency R48-2000e3 rectifier also provides an ultra high e iciency of up to 96%, significantly improving the energy e iciency.

Parameter Setting range Default setting
Battery capacity 20Ah ~ 600Ah 100Ah
Battery protection 40V ~ 60V 43.2V
Float voltage 42V ~ 58V(lower than boost voltage) 53.5V
Boost voltage 42V ~ 58V(higher than float voltage) 56.4V
Shunt current 1 ~ 500A 175A
Shunt voltage 1 ~ 150mV 25mV
ECO Enable ON or OFF OFF
Relay 2 Load power off or alarm output Alarm output
Module Soft Start 1 ~ 128S 0S

1. The battery protection voltage should be set according to battery manufacturer requirement.

2. If iron lithium battery is configured by user, set relevant charging parameters according to the requirements of the battery manufacturers.

NetSure 531 A31-S4 Datasheet
Parameter Category Parameter Description
AC input System Input TN or TT, single-phase(L+N+PE)
Rated input line voltage 220Vac
Input phase voltage range 85Vac~300Vac(output derating below 176Vac)
Input frequency range 45Hz~65Hz
Rated input frequency 50Hz
Maximum input current 24.2A
DC out put Default output DC voltage -53.5Vdc
Standard configuration output current 0~60A
Mechanical Dimension(W x D x H) 43.6mm x 482mm x 311mm
Subrack power system weight(kg) ≤ 4kg(excluding rectifiers
Rectifier weight(kg) ≤ 2kg
Environmental Operating temperature -5℃~+40℃
Relative humidity ≤ 90%RH(30℃)
Altitude ≤ 2000m (derating is necessary above 2000m)
Over-voltage/pollution degree Over-voltage: Ⅱ; Pollution degree:2

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