Huawei Switch Optical Transceiver QSFP-100G-ER4-Lite, QSFP28, 100G,Single-mode module (1310nm,30km(FEC OFF), 40km(FEC ON), LC)

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100G 1310nm 40km SM QSFP28

Huawei original QSFP-100G-ER4-Lite

Solo pack

Without alarm

Apply to Huawei SX700, SX300 series campus switch CE series data center switch

Product Name QSFP-100G-ER4-Lite
Transceiver form factor QSFP28
Transmission speed 100GE
Standard Non-standard and compatible with the 100GBASE-ER4
Fiber Type LC
Applicable cable and maximum transmission distance Single-mode fiber (G.652):

  • Disables the RS-FEC function: 30 km
  • Enables the RS-FEC function: 40 km
Center Wavelength (nm) 1295, 1300, 1304, 1309
Transmit Power (dBm) -2.5 to +2.9
Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) -18.4
Overload Optical Power (dBm) -3.5
Extinction Ratio (dB) 8
Operating temperature 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Dimension(D x W x H mm) 165x75x35

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