FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4X switch supports 24 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, 4 GE SFP, 1 AC power fixed

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FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S overview

FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S switch supports 24 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 GE SFP ports, 1 AC power fixed, is one of the FutureMatrix S5735R series Ethernet switches.

The FutureMatrix S5735R series switch is a gigabit switch launched for the weak current scenario of the campus network market. This series Ethernet switches, which can provide 8 ports, 24 ports, and 48 Gigabit electricity, and 4 GE or 10GE ports for uplink.

FutureMatrix S5735R series switch (hereinafter referred to as “S5735R”) Gigabit Ethernet switch for the campus network market weak current scene, with flexible networking capabilities, rich IPv6 features, diverse security controls, and Layer 3 routing features; the switch supports SVF vertical virtualization technology, which greatly simplifies network management and operation and maintenance, and can be deployed at the core of small and medium-sized parks, large and medium-sized parks can also be deployed to meet the comprehensive access requirements of wired, wireless, and IoT terminals.


FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S quick spec

24 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports

4 GE SFP ports

Forwarding performance: 51/126Mpps

Switching capacity: 336Gbps/3.36Tbps

1 AC power fixed

FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S Datasheet


Item FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S
Exchange capacity 336Gbps/3.36Tbps
Packet forwarding rate 51/126Mpps
Fixed port 24 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, 4 Gigabit SFP ports
MAC address table Follow the IEEE 802.1d standard
Support MAC address automatic learning and aging
Support static, dynamic, black hole MAC entries
Support source MAC address filtering
Support interface MAC address learning limit
VLAN characteristics Support 4K VLAN
Support Guest VLAN, Voice VLAN
Support GVRP protocol
Support MUX VLAN function
Support VLAN based on MAC/protocol/IP subnet/policy/port
Support 1:1 and N:1 VLAN Mapping function
Ring network protection technology Support RRPP ring topology and RRPP multi-instance
Supports SmartLink tree topology and SmartLink multi-instance, providing millisecond-level protection of active and standby links
Support Smart Ether Protection SEP protocol
Support ERPS Ethernet ring protection protocol (G.8032)
Support STP (IEEE 802.1d), RSTP (IEEE 802.1w) and MSTP (IEEE 802.1s) protocols
Support BPDU protection, root protection, and loopback protection
Support BPDU Tunnel
Multicast Support PIM DM, PIM SM, PIM SSM
Support MLD v1/v2 and MLD v1/v2 Snooping
Support IGMP v1/v2/v3 and IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping
Support intra-VLAN multicast forwarding and multicast multi-VLAN replication
Supports multicast load sharing of bundled ports
Support controllable multicast
Support port-based multicast traffic statistics
IP routing Static routing, supporting RIP, RIPng, OSPF, OSPFv3 protocols
IPv6 features Support ND (Neighbor Discovery)
characteristic Characteristic description
Support PMTU
Support IPv6 Ping, IPv6 tracert, IPv6 Telnet
Reliability Support Ethernet OAM 802.3ah and 802.1ag
Support ITU-Y.1731
Support DLDP
Support LACP
QoS/ACL Supports rate limiting on the inbound and outbound directions of the port
Support message redirection
Support port-based traffic monitoring, support dual-speed three-color CAR function
Support 8 queues per port
Support WRR, DRR, SP, WRR+SP, DRR+SP queue scheduling algorithm
Support 802.1p and DSCP priority re-marking of packets
Support L2 (Layer 2)~L4 (Layer 4) packet filtering function, providing packet filtering based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP/UDP protocol source/destination port number, protocol, and VLAN Function
Supports queue-based rate limiting and port shaping functions
Safety features User hierarchical management and password protection
Support to prevent DOS, ARP attack function, ICMP anti-attack
Support combination binding of IP, MAC, port, VLAN
Support port isolation, port security, Sticky MAC
Support MFF
Support blackhole MAC address
Support MAC address learning limit
Support IEEE 802.1X authentication, support single port maximum number of users limit
Support AAA authentication, support Radius, HWTACACS, NAC and other methods
Support SSH V2.0
Support HTTPS
Support CPU protection function
Support blacklist and whitelist
Support DHCP Relay, DHCP Server, DHCP Snooping
Characteristic description Characteristic description
Support DHCPv6 Relay, DHCPv6 Server, DHCPv6 Snooping Support user authentication point and policy enforcement point separation
Vertical virtualization Support zero-configuration plug and play as a client
Supports automatic loading of client packages and patches
Support one-click automatic business issuance
the client supports independent operation
Management and maintenance Support intelligent stacking
Support Netconf/Yang-based cloud management
Support Virtual Cable Test
Support Telnet remote configuration and maintenance
Support SNMPv1/v2c/v3
Support RMON
Support eSight network management system, support WEB network management features
Support HTTPS
Support system log, hierarchical alarm
Support 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet EEE
Interoperability VBST is based on VLAN Spanning-tree Protocol (interworking with PVST/PVST+/RPVST)
LNP link type negotiation protocol (similar function to DTP)
VCMP VLAN centralized management protocol (similar function to VTP)
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 43.6 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 3.34 kg
Typical power consumption [W] 50.4 W
Maximum power consumption [W] 45.6 W
Noise at normal temperature (acoustic power) [dB(A)] 48 dB(A)
Power supply mode AC built-in
Rated input voltage [V] AC input: 100 V AC to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Input voltage range [V] AC input: 90 VAC to 264 VAC, 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Service port surge protection [kV] Common mode: ±10 kV
Power supply surge protection [kV] ±6 kV in differential mode, ±6 kV in common mode
Heat dissipation Heat dissipation with fan, intelligent fan speed adjustment
Airflow direction Air intake from left and front, air exhaustion from right
PoE Not supported
Power supply surge protection [kV] ±6 kV in differential mode, ±6 kV in common mode
Heat dissipation Heat dissipation with fan, intelligent fan speed adjustment
Airflow direction Air intake from left and front, air exhaustion from right
PoE Not supported

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 10 cm
FutureMatrix S5735R Series Switches Comparison


Item FutureMatrix
FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4S FutureMatrix S5735R-24P4S
Switching capacity 336Gbps/3.36Tbps 336Gbps/3.36Tbps 336Gbps/3.36Tbps
Forwarding ability 27/102Mpps 51/126Mpps 51/126Mpps
Fixed ports 8*1000BASE-T PoE+ , 4*GE SFP 24*1000BASE-T, 4*GE SFP 24*1000BASE-T PoE+, 4*GE SFP
Chassis size ( mm) 300×220×43.6 442×220×43.6 442x220x43.6
Item FutureMatrix S5735R-24T4X FutureMatrix S5735R-24P4X FutureMatrix S5735R-48T4S
Switching capacity 336Gbps/3.36Tbps 336Gbps/3.36Tbps 432Gbps/4.32Tbps
Forwarding ability 108/126Mpps 108/126Mpps 87/166Mpps
Fixed ports 24*1000BASE-T, 4*10GE SFP+ 24*1000Base-T PoE+,4*10GE SFP+ 48*1000BASE-T, 4*GE SFP
Chassis size ( mm) 442x220x43.6 442x220x43.6 442x220x43.6

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