H3C router SR6600-M supports FE, GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE interfaces 155M POS, 622M POS interfaces, E1-F/E1 interface


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SR6600-M overview

Recent years have seen fast development of emerging network services such as Internet technologies, cloud-network integration, and SD-WAN solutions, which drives an increasingly intense demand for highly reliable, high-performance full-service high-end routing products. Based on years of accumulation in network technology knowledge and expertise, H3C has launched a new-generation full-service high-end router with high performance SR6600-M.

Cloud-native operating system

With the cutting-edge containerized network operating system and powerful computing capability, the router can provide cloud computing and edge computing services in high performance.

Equipped with the Comware 9 cloud-native operating system and intelligent service acceleration engine, the router, driven by these two engines, significantly improves service performance.

Pre-definition of forwarding paths, structure optimization of forwarding entries, and high-performance concurrency processing algorithms greatly improve high-concurrency forwarding performance.

With rich network features as well as routing, QoS, MPLS, multicast, VPN, and security features, the router is suitable for various business scenarios and can address the needs for business scaling.

Open use environment and programmable, containerized, and scalable system enable the router to easily adapt to new business scenarios and customer needs.

Fully compatible with SDN

With full support for AD-WAN carrier and branch solutions, the router, in collaboration with H3C controller and analyzer, allows intelligent network orchestration and visualized management.

Advanced features such as SR/SRv6, iFIT, EVPN, and telemetry provide the basis for intelligent network management and detailed analytics solutions.

Channelized bandwidth configuration for sub-interfaces in Kbps and 100G/50G/10G FlexE interface channelization in small granularity with a minimum granularity of 10 Mbps enable the router to provide isolation and bandwidth guarantee for critical network services.

Carrier-class high availability

With high availability designs in hardware, including redundant MPU forwarding, N+M power supply redundancy, and fan tray redundancy, the router enhances system availability. Support for hotfix in software allows smooth software upgrade and ensures service continuity during software upgrade.

The highly reliable, resilient dual-machine virtualization technology which is first in the industry greatly improves the dual-machine system reliability and promises flexible network business scalability.

BFD association with FRR, NSR, and GR enables 50 ms-level link switchover in the event of a link failure.

Industry-leading SD-WAN performance

The physical SD-WAN service acceleration card that provides intelligent distributed traffic processing breaks through the bottleneck of the traditional forwarding model, and enables the router to provide industry-leading SD-WAN performance and high-concurrency data aggregation capability.

The router delivers rich VPN networking solutions, including IPSec, L2TP, GRE, ADVPN, and MPLS VPN, and supports overlapping of multiple VPN technologies.

All-round network security protection

Portal, and PPPoE access authentication methods provide access control based on combinations of username, password, IP address, or MAC address. In collaboration with the H3C EAD solution, the router ensures all-round access control for endpoints.

Integration of a high-speed encryption engine, the router delivers high-performance encryption capability.

The built-in firewall delivers packet filtering and DoS attack prevention features, which protect the router from malformed packet attacks, flooding attacks, and scanning attacks.

With deep packet inspection (DPI) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) features, the router provides deep network security protection.

Innovative electromechanical designs, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

The router meets the RoHS standard, complies with the carbon neutrality strategy, and supports carbon emission management. A lifecycle carbon footprint analysis has been conducted for the router according to the ISO14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method and ISO14067 requirements and guidelines for product carbon footprint quantification, and a carbon emission report has been issued.

Front-rear cut-through air aisles improve heat dissipation efficiency. With intelligent fan speed regulation, the system can adjust the fan speed based on the internal temperature, which not only reduces fan noise but also reduces energy consumption.

Innovative electromechanical designs such as cabling from a single side and hot swapping of power supplies, fan trays, and service modules facilitate maintenance and operation.

RFU 2 (1:1 redundancy)
Forwarding Performance In Service (IMIX) RFU-560-G: 50Gbps

RFU-360-G: 15Gbps

IPSec throughput RFU-560-G: 15Gbps

RFU-360-G: 6Gbps

IPSec tunnel RFU-560-G: 50,000

RFU-360-G: 30,000

Heat dissipation Front-rear, cut-through air aisles
Fan tray 2, operating in redundancy
Power system 4 power supplies, N+M redundancy

Rated AC input range: 100 to 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz

Rated DC input range: –48 to –60 VDC

Dimensions (H × W × D) 175 × 440 × 330 mm (6.89 × 17.32 × 12.99 in), 4 U
Operating temperature 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
Ambient relative humidity 5 % to 95 %
Operating altitude –60 to +5000 m (–96.85 to +16404.20 ft)
System power consumption 610W
Weight (fully configured) 22.7Kg
Interface type FE, GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE interfaces

155M POS, 622M POS interfaces

E1-F/E1 interface


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