Huawei SSN1SL1A OSN7500 SDH board  transmits and receives STM-1 optical signals

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SSN1SL1A Overview

The SL1A is available in one functional version, namely, N1.

Through the board version replacement function, the N1SL1A can substitute for the N1SL1.

The SL1A is a line board. The SL1A can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to transmit and receive STM-1 optical signals. The SL1A converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SL1A converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals.

The SL1A transmits and receives STM-1 optical signals, performs O/E conversion for the STM-1 optical signals, extracts and inserts overhead bytes, and generates alarm signals on the line.

The SL1A can be installed in slots 1-8, 11-18, and 26-31 in the subrack.


Feature Code

Board Feature Code Type of Optical Interface
SSN1SL1A10 10 S-1.1
SSN1SL1A11 11 L-1.1
SSN1SL1A12 12 L-1.2
SSN1SL1A13 13 Ve-1.2
SSN1SL1A14 14 I-1
SSN1SL1A15 15 S-1.1
SSN1SL1A16 16 L-1.1
SSN1SL1A17 17 L-1.2
SSN1SL1A18 18 Ve-1.2
SSN1SL1A19 19 I-1
SSN1SL1A20 20 S-1.1
SSN1SL1A21 21 L-1.1
SSN1SL1A22 22 L-1.2



Board Start Version
N1SL1A V100R008C01



SSN1SL1A Functions and Features
Function and Feature SL1A
Basic functions Transmits and receives 1xSTM-1 optical signals.
Specifications of the optical interface
  • Supports different types of standard optical interfaces, namely, the I-1, S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2, and Ve-1.2.
  • The characteristics of the optical interfaces of the I-1, S-1.1, L-1.1, and L-1.2 types comply with ITU-T G.957.
  • The characteristics of the optical interface of the Ve-1.2 type comply with the standards defined by Huawei.
Specifications of the optical module
  • Supports the detection and query of the information about the optical module.
  • Supports the usage and detection of the SFP optical module, which facilitates the maintenance and upgrading of the optical module.
  • Provides the ALS function. The optical interface supports the setting of the on/off state of a laser.
  • Supports the single-fiber bidirectional optical module, and the single-fiber bidirectional optical module does not support loopbacks as the optical interface by using fiber jumpers.
Service processing Supports the VC-12 services, VC-3 services, and VC-4 services.
Overhead processing
  • Processes the section overheads of the STM-1 signals.
  • Supports the transparent transmission and termination of the path overheads.
  • Supports the setting and query of the J0, J1, and C2 bytes.
  • Supports one channel of ECC communication.
Alarms and performance events Reports various alarms and performance events, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the equipment.
Protection schemes Supports the Two-fiber ring MSP, Four-fiber ring MSP, Linear MSP, SNCP, SNCTP, and SNCMP.
Maintenance features
  • Supports inloops and outloops at optical interfaces.
  • Supports inloops and outloops on VC-4 paths.
  • Supports warm resets and cold resets. The warm reset does not affect services.
  • Supports the query of the manufacturing information of the board.
  • Supports the in-service loading of the FPGA.
  • Supports the upgrade of the board software without affecting services.
  • Supports the press-to-collect function in fault data collection.
  • Hot board swapping.



Port type Description
I-1 2 km STM-1 two-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
S-1.1 15 km STM-1 two-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
L-1.1 40 km STM-1 two-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
L-1.2 80 km STM-1 two-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
Ve-1.2 100 km STM-1 two-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
S-1.1 15 km STM-1 single-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces
L-1.1 40 km STM-1 single-fiber bidirectional optical interfaces


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