The OptiX OSN OSN7500 series universal service board SSN2SLQ16, 4 STM-16 Optical Interface Board with 4 L-16.1 40km SFP module


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SSN2SLQ16 overview

The OptiX OSN 3500, OSN7500 series universal service board SSN2SLQ1603 , 4 STM-16 Optical Interface Board with 4 L-16.1 40km SFP module.

The SLQ16 is a line board. The SLQ16 can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to transmit and receive STM-16 optical signals. The SLQ16 converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SLQ16 converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals.

Version Description

The SLQ16 is available in three functional versions, namely, N1, N2, and N4

Functional versions The SLQ16 is available in three functional versions, namely, N1, N2, and N4.
  • Specifications of optical interfaces: CWDM and DWDM colored optical interfaces.
  • Specifications of optical modules: single-fiber bidirectional optical modules.
  • Service processing: AU-3 service processing.
  • Maintenance features: loopbacks on VC-4 paths and TCM function.
Substitution When the AU-3 services and TCM function are not required, the N1SLQ16 and N2SLQ16 can be substituted with each other.

The N4SLQ16 supports the board version replacement function to substitute for the N1SLQ16/N2SLQ16.

Relationship between the feature code of the SLQ16 and the type of optical interface
Feature Code
Type of Optical Interface
SSN1SLQ1601, SSN2SLQ1601 01 I-16
SSN1SLQ1602, SSN2SLQ1602 02 S-16.1
SSN1SLQ1603, SSN2SLQ1603 03 L-16.1
SSN1SLQ1604, SSN2SLQ1604 04 L-16.2
SSN1SLQ1620 20 I-16
SSN1SLQ1621 21 S-16.1
SSN1SLQ1622 22 L-16.1
SSN1SLQ1623 23 L-16.2




Feature Code
The feature code of the SSN2SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) indicates the type of optical interface.
Board Feature Code Type of Optical Interface
SSN2SLQ1603 03 L-16.1
Optical interface parameters
Parameter Value
Nominal bit rate 2488320 kbit/s
Line code pattern NRZ
Application code L-16.1
Transmission distance (km) 15 to 40
Type of fiber Single-mode LC
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1280 to 1335
Launched optical power range
-2 to +3
Receiver sensitivity (dBm) -27
Minimum overload (dBm) -9
Maximum -20 dB spectral width (nm) 1
Minimum extinction ratio (dB) 8.2
Minimum side mode suppression ratio (dB) 30
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 25.4 (W) x 235.2 (D) x 261.4 (H)
The maximum power consumption of the N2SLQ16 at room temperature (25°C) 35W
Weight (kg) 1.3

Additional information

Weight 3.0000 kg
Dimensions 37.5000 × 34.0000 × 7.5000 cm

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