EPS75-4815AF-30A is a AC (220V) /DC (-48V) power converter with 1*DCDU-05, 1*PMU, 2*PSU

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EPS75-4815AF-30A Overview

EPS30-4815AF-30A is a carrier-class AC/DC power converter, convert 220V/110V AC power to -48V DC power, MAX output 30A. EPS30-4815AF-30A have 3 output, 10A, 20A and BATT 20A. if combine output together can provide MAX 30A output.

EPS30-4815AF-30A subrack composed by 1xDCDU-05, PMU(EPMU03), 2xPSU(GERM4815T), max output 30A

Maximum output power: 1600W

3 Power output port on EPS30-4815AF-30A subrack, Load1(10A), Load2(20A), BATT(20A)

Output power cable should connect via a XH2.54 connector

With battery port

Power supply typically to Huawei MA5683T, MA5680T

EPS30-4815AF-30A Datasheet
Item EPS30-4815AF-30A
AC input Rated input voltage 220 (90 to 280) V AC
Maximum input current 10 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Battery input Rated input voltage -48 V
Capacity 40 Ah
Number of batteries 4
DC output Rated output voltage -53.5 V DC
Output current LOAD1: 10 A (determined by the fuse)

LOAD 2: 20 A
(determined by the fuse)

Dimensions of
the EPS30-4815AF (mounting ears included)
43.6 mm (H) x 482.6 mm (W) x 270 mm (D)
Weight of the
< 10 kg

Additional information

Dimensions 30.0000 × 50.0000 × 5.0000 cm

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