Huawei MA5600 super control unit board integrated H561SCUB1 with 2-port GE uplink port, RS-232 serial port

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H561SCUB1 Overview

H561SCUB1 is super control unit board, comes with 1xO2GS subboards for Huawei MA5600 with two subboard ports, support subboards O4GS, O2GS, O4FM, O2FM, E4GFA, M2GA, CKMA.

1 pieces O2GS (two GE optical ports) is configured by default.

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Weight 3.0000 kg
Dimensions 50.0000 × 33.0000 × 8.0000 cm

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    H561SCUB1 is configured by default two O2GS (Two Ge Optical Ports), which is Super Control Unit Board.

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