Huawei DSLAM MA5600 32-channel VDSL2 over POTS Service Board with a built-in splitter

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VDEB Overview

The VDEB board is a 32-channel VDSL2 service board with a built-in splitter. It provides 32 channels of VDSL2 over POTS services and supports line protection. The VDEB board can be installed in slots 0-6 and 9-15 of the MA5600 service shelf, or in slots 1-6 of the MA5603.

Huawei DSLAM MA5600 VDEB Service Board

Provide 32 channels of VDSL2 over POTS services

Support line protection.

VDEB have the following Model H56D00VDEB02

VDEB doesn’t come with subscriber cables

VDEB Datasheet
LINE Provides 32 channels of VDSL2 signals
PSTN Provides 32 channels of POTS port.
Vaild slot MA5600: slots 0-6 and 9-15

MA5603: slots 1-6

Power consumption 69 W
Dimensions(mm) 25.4 mm x 372 mm x 399.5 mm

Additional information

Weight 3.0000 kg

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    I’d prefer to import equipment at Telecomate.com rather than locally, fast delivery and well packaged.

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    VDEB doesn’t come with subscriber cables, before quoting, I got the kind reminder from Irene.

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