Huawei H801GICF 2-port GE optical uplink board without SFP module, apply to Huawei MA5680T/MA5683T


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The H801GICF board is a 2-port GE optical uplink board, which can be used in the Huawei MA5600T series OLTs: MA5683T MA5680T.

This board comes without any optical transceivers, it is supposed to work with two GE 10km SFP modules.


Working principle of the H801GICF board 

h801gicf principle

Item H801GICF
Port 2 GE Optical Uplink Ports
Pluggable Module Optical Module(SFP)
Electrical Module(SFP)
Corresponding Control Board  SCUN/SCUL/SCUH
SFP Module specification
SFP module type
(typical configuration)
One-channel two-fiber bi-directional optical module
Operating Wavelength 1310 nm
Encapsulation Type SFP
Port Rate 1.25 Gbit/s
Minimum Output Optical Power -9.00 dBm/-9.50 dBm
Maximum Output Optical Power -3.00 dBm
Maximum Receiver Sensitivity -20.00dBm
Optical Connector Type LC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode
Reach 10.00KM
Overload Optical Power -3.0 dBm
Extinction Ratio 9.0 dB
Device Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 25.40 (W) x 237.00 (D) x 197.20 (H)
Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size
Power Consumption H801GICF : Static: 3.9 W
Maximum: 3.9 W
Maximum Frame Size 2052 bytes. After jumbo frame function is enabled, a maximum of 9216 bytes can be supported.
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C
Relation between GE optical/electrical modules and boards One-channel Two-fiber Bi-directional GE Optical Module
One-channel One-fiber Bi-directional GE Optical Module
One-channel Two-fiber Bi-directional GE CWDM Optical Module
GE Electrical Module

Additional information

Weight 2.5000 kg
Dimensions 34.0000 × 25.5000 × 10.0000 cm

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    Mi último proveedor me dijo que GICG puede conectar módulos ópticos de GE, ¡lo cual es muy molesto!

    El representante de ventas de Telecomate son muy profesionales y comprenden muy bien los productos. Estamos muy satisfechos con ellos.

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    The price is lower than local . The delivery is so fast. Would recommended to everyone.

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    This board is a perfect fit for the OLT I use, compared to x2CS, this model and configuration has met my requirements. Will recommend Telecomate.com to friends who need it.

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