Huawei MA5680T

Huawei MA5680T

Huawei MA5680T H80Z1MABH chassis with 14 slots, 2xSCUN, 2xPRTE


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MA5680T overview

The Huawei MA5600T series OLT includes MA5608T, MA5680T, and MA5683T, as a series of large-/medium-/small-capacity devices, they share the same software platform and service boards.

  • Large-capacity device: MA5680T
  • Medium-capacity device: MA5683T
  • Small-capacity device: MA5608T

The Huawei SmartAX MA5680T GPON OLT is 19inch with 10U height, 14 service slots, supports EPON, GPON, X-GPON, X-EPON, and P2P service, provides Internet access, voice, and video services to subscribers.


Supported Main Control Board and Service Board

Main control board:

  • SCUN(the most applications main control board, which comes with 4 GE uplink ports)
  • SCUH(supports 4 GE/10GE uplink ports)
  • SCUK

Uplink board:

  • X2CS(2*10GE optical interface board)
  • GICF(2*GE optical interface board)
  • GICG(2-port GE electrical interface bard)

Pon Service board:

  • 8 GPON ports interface board: GPBDGPBH, 16 GPON ports interface board: GPFD.
  • 8 EPON ports interface board: EPBD, 16 EPON ports interface board: EPFD.
  • 8 XGPON ports interface board: XGBD.
  • 8 XEPON ports interface board: XEBD.

MA5680T is PRTE DC power-based, recommend AC/DC power converter ETP48100-B1-A1, ETP4860-B1A12 to change power solution.


MA5680T Layout

MA5680T Layout

MA5683T Datasheet


Item MA5680T
System performance
Backplane bus switching capacity 3.2 Tbit/s
System L2 packet forwarding rate SCUB: 72 Mpps
SCUN: 726 Mpps(Active/Standby mode), 1452 Mpps(Load-sharing mode)
SCUF: 190 Mpps
SCUH: 1428 Mpps(Active/Standby mode), 2856 Mpps(Load-sharing mode)
Control board switching capacity SCUB: 48 Gbit/s
SCUN: 480 Gbit/s(Active/Standby mode), 960Gbit/s(Load-sharing mode)
SCUF: 128 Gbit/s
SCUH: 960 Gbit/s(Active/Standby mode), 1920Gbit/s(Load-sharing mode)
Switching/Forwarding delay Short forwarding delay: The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends the 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs.
Supported Service Board
Uplink Boards GICF(2*GE Uplink Board)
X2CS(2*10GE Uplink Board)
Service Board GPBD(8-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++)
GPBH(8-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++)
GPFD(16-port Gpon with SFP B+/C+/C++)
XGBD(8-port XGpon with SFP+ N1/N2a)
EPBD(8-port Epon with SFP PX20/PX20+/PX20++)
EPFD(16-port Epon with SFP PX20/PX20+/PX20++)
XEBD(8-port XEpon with SFP+ PRX30)
Board Slot
Control board slot 7, 8
Service board slot 1-6, 9-16
upstream interface board slot 17, 18
Universal interface board slot 0
Power board slot 19, 20
Upstream/Cascading Port
GE/10GE  ports (Control board) SCUN/SCUK: 8 x GE (in the load-sharing mode)
SCUH: 8 x GE/10GE (in the load-sharing mode)
SCUB/SCUF: 4 x GE (in the active/standby mode)
Access port
GPON ports 224
XG-PON ports N/A
XGS-PON ports N/A
GE/FE ports 672
10GE ports N/A
SuperVector ports N/A
Vectoring ports 768
ADSL2+ ports N/A
VDSL2 ports 896
POTS ports 448
SHDSL ports 448
ISDN ports 448
System Parameters
Band Width per slot N/A
Bit error rate (BER) in full load <10 e-7
System availability for the typical configuration >99.999%
System forwarding capacity N/A
Switching capacity of the control board SCUN/SCUK: 480 Gbit/s in active/standby mode or 960 Gbit/s in load-sharing mode
SCUH: 960 Gbit/s in active/standby mode or 1920 Gbit/s in load-sharing mode
SCUB: 48 Gbit/s
SCUF: 128 Gbit/s
MAC address SCUN/SCUK: 32768
SCUH: 134072
Access ONT SCUN/SCUK: 8192
SCUH: 16384
IPv4 routing table SCUN/SCUK: 5120
SCUH: 12288
IPv6 routing table SCUN/SCUK: 5120
SCUH: 6144
ARP table SCUN/SCUK: 8192
SCUH: 16384
Supported cabinet
Indoor cabinet N66E-22
Outdoor cabinet N/A
Physical Parameters
Dimensions ( W x D x H, excluding mounting brackets) 442 mm x 275.8 mm x 441.7mm
Dimensions ( W x D x H, including mounting brackets of IEC standard) N/A
Maximum  Weight at full configuration 30.54 kg
Power Supply
Power supply mode DC
Rated voltage -48 V/-60 V
Working voltage range -38.4 V to -72 V
Maximum input current 40 A
Environmental Parameters
Ambient temperature (for normal device running) -40 °C to +65 °C
Ambient temperature (for normal device startup) -25 °C to +65 °C
Ambient humidity 5%RH to 95%RH
Atmospheric pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa
Altitude ≤4000 m

Additional information

Weight 32.0000 kg
Dimensions 63.0000 × 58.0000 × 43.0000 cm

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    Los productos son muy buenos, pero la velocidad de logística de FedEx es demasiado lenta, espero que pueda usar DHL para el próximo pedido.

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    Brand new and original Huawei MA5680T, and the delivery is so fast, from Hong Kong it only took 2 days.

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