NetEngine 8000 M1A

NetEngine 8000 M1A

NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE), 1*AC Power, 02353EGG


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NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE), 1*AC Power

Switching Capacity: 352 Gbit/s

Forwarding Performance: 72 Mpps

Capacity Density (G/U):  176


Panel on the NetEngine 8000 M1A:

Panel on the NetEngine 8000 M1A

Basic information about the NetEngine 8000 M1A:

Description Part Number Model First Supported Version Remarks
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(4*10GE + 12*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAF CR8PM1ABASC0 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(4*10GE+12*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAG CR8PM1ABASC1 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353DAH CR8PM1ABASC2 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353EGG CR8PM1ABASC4 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A, AC Power,Port Capacity 16*10GE+12*GE(o)+4*GE(e) 02353HFW CR8PM1ABAS1 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A, DC Power,Port Capacity 16*10GE+12*GE(o)+4*GE(e) 02353HFY CR8PM1ABAS3 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(16*10GE+16*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353JVU CR8PM1ABASC8 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(16*10GE+16*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353JWJ CR8PM1ABASC6 V800R012C00
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(10*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353UYM CR8PM1ABASCA V800R012C10
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(10*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353UYN CR8PM1ABASCB V800R012C10
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration (Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(2*10GE+8*GE),2*DC Power,without Software and Document) 02353VAG CR8PM1ABASCC V800R012C10
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration(Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(2*10GE+8*GE),1*AC Power,without Software and Document) 02353VAH CR8PM1ABASCD V800R012C10




Item NetEngine 8000 M1A
NetEngine 8000 M1A Basic Configuration Includes M1A Chassis, Fixed Interface(6*10GE+26*GE), AC power
Switching capacity 352G bit/s
Forwarding Performance 72 Mpps
Typical power consumption [W] 74.7 W
Typical heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 242.36 BTU/hour
MTBF [year] 35.99 year
MTTR [hour] 2 hour
Availability 0.99999
Power supply mode AC
Rated input voltage [V] 110 V/220 V
Input voltage range [V] 100 V to 240 V
Maximum input current [A] 1.5 A
Rated output power [W] 170 W
Maximum input cable size [mm²] Standard C13 cable
Front-end circuit breaker/fuse [A] ≥1.5 A
Heat dissipation Air cooling
Redundant fans 2+1,Short-term running when a single fan becomes invalid at the ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F)
Storage altitude [m(ft.)] < 5000 m (16404.199 ft.)
Breakout supported No
Interface rate auto-sensing supported Yes
RTU supported Yes
88036KAT: NetEngine 8000 M1A basic configuration upgrade package (upgrade from 52G to 86G)
For details about how to use the RTU, see “Installation – License Usage Guide”.
Cabinet installation standards ETSI(21-inch);IEC(19-inch); IMB(3U);F01M50 Outdoor Cabinet
Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm] 44.45 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm
Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm] 255 mm x 585 mm x 390 mm
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight without packaging (base configuration) [kg] 4.5 kg
Weight with packaging (base configuration) [kg] 5.8 kg

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    NetEngine 8000 M1A, we received is brand-new, well packed.

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    I need a small router as a relay, and the maximum port needs to be 10GE. The one they recommended to me is very cost-effective.

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