Optical Tunable Transponder, 100G CFPT62, LH, SDFEC2, Coherence wDCM, Tunable Wavelength, Extended C band, -5dBm~0dBm, -16dBm, 50GHz, LC

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Item TN11C1CFPT62
Optical Module Type 40000ps/nm-Extended C band-Tunable Wavelength-ePDM-QPSK(SDFEC2 , wDCM, LH, T62)-100G CFP
Line code format ePDM-QPSK(SDFEC2 , wDCM, LH, T62)
Maximum mean launched power(dBm) 0
Minimum mean launched power(dBm) -5
Receiver Sensitivity(dBm) -16
Optical Interface Type LC
Receiver type PIN
Dimension(D x W x H mm) 83x20x8

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Weight 0.5000 kg
Dimensions 8.3000 × 2.0000 × 0.8000 cm


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