Huawei NetEngine 8000 M8 CR8MM82FBXC1 fan box, 03033GGC


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CR8MM82FBXC1 overview

Huawei NetEngine 8000 M8 fan box, 03033GGC


Mapping products and versions

Product Slot Minimum Version Requirement
NetEngine 8000 M8 slot 13 V800R011C10


Basic information about the CR8MM82FBXC1

Item Details
Description NetEngine 8000 M8 Fan Box
Part number 03033GGC
Model CR8MM82FBXC1
Remarks To ensure that the system provides better heat dissipation performance during main control board startup, the fan speed increases to at least 50% of the full speed as long as one main control board restarts. The system will automatically decrease the fan speed after main control board registration is completed.


Appearance of the CR8MM82FBXC1



Panel of the CR8MM82FBXC1


1.ESD jack 2.Status indicator


Indicators on the CR8MM82FBXC1

Silkscreen Name Color Status Description
FAN Status indicator Green Steady on The fan module is working normally.
Red Steady on The fan module fails.
Orange Steady on The fan module is not registered.
Off The fan module is not powered on or the fan hardware is faulty.


Ports on the CR8MM82FBXC1

Port Description
ESD The ESD wrist strap should be connected to this jack for proper grounding of the human body.


Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) 105.7 mm x 53.5 mm x 209 mm (4.16 in. x 2.11 in. x 8.23 in.)
Weight without packaging 1.0 kg ( 2.2 lb)
Number of fans 2
Typical power consumption 15 W
Typical heat dissipation 10.25 BTU/hour
Maximum power consumption (55°C) 200 W
Maximum heat dissipation (55°C) 136.61 BTU/hour


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