Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX 16-port symmetric 10G GPON (XGS-PON/TWDM-PON) line termination board, 3FE74981AA


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FWLT-C Overview


Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX 16-port symmetric 10G GPON (XGS-PON/TWDM-PON) line termination board


Nokia Multi-PON FWLT-C is a new generation passive optical network (PON) line card, that supports multiple PON technologies and easy migration from current to next-generation technologies. Based on the Nokia Quillion chipset, it delivers performance to supercharge fiber networks for future growth. The high capacity, high density and low latency of FWLT-C enable operators to increase the efficiency and utilization of their fiber networks by delivering all residential, enterprise and mobile transport services from a single platform.


The Nokia Multi-PON FWLT-C is a truly universal PON line card deployable in Nokia FX access nodes. Each port can support GPON, XGS-PON, GPON and XGS-PON simultaneously, NG-PON2 (TWDM-PON) or 25GS-PON, giving operators flexibility to deliver services with the best-fit technology. For example, operators can start with GPON services today and, when needed, remotely switch users to XGS-PON, using less equipment, cabling, and migration effort. It is a unique solution on the market as it ensures smooth evolution to 25 Gb/s symmetrical speeds, enabling operators to offer premium services from the existing line card.



• Universal 16-port PON card, each port supporting various modes of operation:
– XGS-PON dual rate
– Multi-PON with embedded co-existence functionality to support GPON and XGS-PON simultaneously
– 25G symmetrical PON on even ports
• Available in Nokia Lightspan FX series, including
ISAM FX and Lightspan FX access nodes (FX-16, FX-8, FX-4)
• TSN-grade ready for 5G mobile transport
• Based on Quillion chipset for high density, high throughput, low latency, low power consumption


• Universal 16-port PON card for all flavors of ITU-T PON technologies, with pluggable optics supporting various ODN link budgets, reach and temperature grades.
– ITU-T: G.9807.1: 10-Gigabit-capable symmetric passive optical network (XGS-PON), including dual-rate upstream and compatibility with XG-PON ONUs (G.987 series)
– ITU-T G.984.1, .2 and .3 series: GPON
– ITU-T G.989.1, .2 and .3 series: 40-Gigabitcapable passive optical networks (NG-PON2 TWDM-PON)
– 25GS-PON MSA specification for 25GS-PON
• WDM-based Multi-PON Modules for GPON and XGS-PON co-existence (ITU-T G.984.5 Amendment 1 Appendix IV)
• Up to 200 Gb/s backplane capacity to/from NT controller

10GPON Port 16 x 10G XGS-PON/TWDM-PON Port
XGS-PON dual rate, 10G/10G and 10G/2.5G capable
TWDM-PON either 10G/10G or 10G/2.5G capable
Encapsulation Type XFP
Inlet/ambient temperature range -5°C to 45°C (23°F to 113°F) ,when used in fully populated ISAM FX rack.
Humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Weight 2kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Height: 405 mm      Depth: 225 mm

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