Huawei LST7SFUHX100 S12700E Switch Fabric Unit H(X1)

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LST7SFUHX100 Overview

Huawei LST7SFUHX100 S12700E Switch Fabric Unit H(X1)

The LST7SFUHX100 can be installed in:

  • Slots 07 and 08 in S12700E-4 chassis.
  • Slots 11 to 14 in S12700E-8 chassis.

The LST7SFUHX100 provides the data plane for the entire system. The data plane provides high-speed, non-blocking data channels for data switching between service modules.

The LST7SFUHX100 consists of the following functional modules:

  • Switching module: functions as the data plane and provides high-speed service channels for data switching.
  • Local clock module: provides the working clock for the chips of the switching module, management module, and monitoring module on the LST7SFUHX100.
  • Power supply module: provides power supply for the LST7SFUHX100.
LST7SFUHX100 Front Panel


1 One subcard slot, where a subcard for the SFU can be installed. (reserved)


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