Huawei OSN7500 SSN1SL4A 1xSTM-4 optical interface board


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SSN1SL4A overview

The SL4A is a line board. The SL4A can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to transmit and receive STM-4 optical signals. The SL4A converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SL4A converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals. The SDH processing boards can form a ring network or a chain network in the system.

Version Description

The SL4A is available in one functional version, namely, N1.

Start Version
N1SL4A V100R008C01

Through the board version replacement function, the N1SL4 and the N1SL4A can substitute each other.

SSN1SL4A valid slots

The SL4A can be installed in slots 1–8, 11–18, and 26–31 in the subrack.

SSN1SL4A specifications of the ports
Port type
I-4 2 km STM-4 two-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
S-4.1 15 km STM-4 two-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
L-4.1 40 km STM-4 two-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
L-4.2 80 km STM-4 two-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
Ve-4.2 100 km STM-4 two-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
S-4.1 10 km STM-4 single-fiber bidrectional optical interfaces
80 km CWDM 80 km CWDM STM-4 optical interfaces
120 km DWDM 120 km DWDM STM-4 optical interfaces
Relationship between the feature code of the SL4A and the type of optical interface
Feature Code
Type of Optical Interface
SSN1SL4A10 10 S-4.1
SSN1SL4A11 11 L-4.1
SSN1SL4A12 12 L-4.2
SSN1SL4A13 13 Ve-4.2
SSN1SL4A14 14 I-4
SSN1SL4A15 15 S-4.1
SSN1SL4A16 16 L-4.1
SSN1SL4A17 17 L-4.2
SSN1SL4A18 18 Ve-4.2
SSN1SL4A19 19 I-4
SSN1SL4A20 20 S-4.1
SSN1SL4A21 21 L-4.1
SSN1SL4A22 22 L-4.2
SSN1SL4A23 23 Ve-4.2
Basic functions Receives and transmits 1xSTM-4 optical signals, and processes 1xSTM-4 standard or concatenation services.
Specifications of the optical interface Supports different types of standard optical interfaces, namely, the I-4, S-4.1, L-4.1, L-4.2, and Ve-4.2. The characteristics of the optical interfaces of the I-4, S-4.1, L-4.1, and L-4.2 types comply with ITU-T G.957. The characteristics of the optical interface of the Ve-4.2 type comply with the standards defined by Huawei.

Supports the CWDM and DWDM colored optical interfaces. The optical interface uses the LC connector. The CWDM optical interface supports the transmission distance of 80 km, and the DWDM optical interface supports the transmission distance of 120 km.

Specifications of the optical module
  • Supports the detection and query of the information about the optical module.
  • Provides the ALS function. The optical interface supports the setting of the on/off state of a laser.
  • Supports the usage and monitoring of the SFP optical module, which facilitates the maintenance and upgrading of the optical module.
  • Supports the single-fiber bidirectional optical module, and the single-fiber bidirectional optical module does not support loopbacks at the optical interface by using fiber jumpers.
Service processing Supports the VC-12 services, VC-3 services, VC-4 services, and VC-4-4c concatenation services.
Overhead processing
  • Processes the section overheads of the STM-4 signals.
  • Supports the transparent transmission and termination of the path overheads.
  • Supports the setting and query of the J0, J1, and C2 bytes.
  • Supports one channel of ECC communication.
Alarms and performance events Reports various alarms and performance events, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the equipment.
Protection schemes
  • Supports the Two-fiber ring MSP, Four-fiber ring MSP, Linear MSP, SNCP, SNCTP, and SNCMP.
  • Supports the fiber-shared MSP and SNCP and processes two sets of K bytes. One SL4A supports a maximum of two MSP protection rings.
Maintenance features
  • Supports in loops and out loops at optical interfaces.
  • Supports in loops and out loops on VC-4 paths.
  • Supports warm resets and cold resets. The warm reset does not affect services.
  • Supports the query of the manufacturing information of the board.
  • Supports the in-service loading of the FPGA.
  • Supports the upgrade of the board software without affecting services.
  • Supports the press-to-collect function in fault data collection.


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