Dual Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)


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SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 overview

SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 is an optical amplifier board for Huawei OSN1500B, OSN2500, OSN3500, OSN7500.

The SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 working together with V-16.2, U-16.2, L-64.2, V-64.2 and U-64.2 optical service board, deploy at transmit side to increase two-channel launched optical power of the line board to 14dBm.

  • Dual Booster Amplifier Board(-6dBm~+3dBm,17dBm,LC)
  • Increases the launched optical power of the line board to 13–15 dBm or 15–18 dBm.
  • Supports the automatic control of the laser temperature and optical power of the EDFA module.
  • Supports the automatic monitoring of input/output optical power of EDFA module and query of optical power of EDFA module.
  • Supports the protection function of the EDFA module.
  • Supports the reporting of the performance parameters of the laser.
  • Supports the software upgrade and expansion without interrupting services.

Functional version

Board Start Version
N1BA2 V100R001

Front panel of the one-interfaceSSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3

Front panel of the one-interface BA2


Item SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3
Valid Slot OSN 1500B: the SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 can be installed in slots 11–13.

OSN 2500: the SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 can be installed in slots IU2, IU4, IU6, IU8, IU10, IU12.

OSN 3500: When the cross-connect boards are IXCS and SXCA: the SSN1BA2(17,LC)M+3 can be installed in slots 1–8 and 11–17.

OSN 7500: The BA2 can be installed in slots 1–8, 11–18, and 26–31.

Optical Interface Parameter
Input wavelength (nm) 1530 to 1565
Input optical power (dBm) -6 to +3
Output optical power (dBm) 14 to 14.5 or 17 to 17.5
Noise figure (dB) < 6.5
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 25.4 (W) x 235.2(D) x 261.4 (H)
Weight (kg) 1

The BA2 feature code, the relation as below:

Board Feature Code Output Optical Powe
SSN1BA201 01 Dual-channel optical power amplification: 14 dBm
SSN1BA202 02 Dual-channel optical power amplification: 17 dBm
SSN1BA203 03 Optical power amplification: 14 dBm
SSN1BA204 04 Optical power amplification: 17 dBm
SSN1BA205 05 Dual-channel optical power amplification: 14 dBm and 17 dBm

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