Huawei OSN1800 TMB1OPM801 8-channel Optical Power Monitor Board, 03033DPT


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Huawei OSN1800 TMB1OPM801 8-channel Optical Power Monitor Board, 03033DPT


Version description of the OPM8 board


Product Applicable-System Control Board-Initial Board Version Supported by System Control Board


1800 I&II Compact-TNF3SCC-V100R009C00SPC700

1800 II Enhanced-TNZ1UXCL/TNZ2UXCL-V100R009C00SPC700


1800 II TP-TMB1SCC-V100R019C10SPC300


Substitution relationship of the TMB1OPM8 boards

Original Board

Substitute Board

Substitution Rules



The TMB1OPM8 board can be created as the F1OPM8 board on the NMS to function as a TNF1OPM8 board. The NE software must be upgraded to V100R09C00SPC700 or a later version for replacement.

Notice: The TMB1OPM8 board can be used only with the TNF3SCC board on the OSN 1800 I&II compact devices.

Item TMB1OPM801
Optical specifications of the OPM8 board
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1529 to 1561
Detect range for single channel optical power(dBm) -30 to -10
Detected accuracy for optical power(dB) ±1.5
Channel spacing(GHz) 50/100
Numbers of optical interface(pcs) 8
Typical Power Consumption (W) 7
Maximum Power Consumption (W) 8

a: The maximum power consumption is the power consumed by the board when it works normally under the highest ambient temperature.

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D, unit: mm/in.) 193.8 x 40.1 x 205.9 (7.6 x 1.6 x 8.1)
Weight 0.8 kg (1.76 lb.)

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