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TNF5ND2 overview

TNF5ND2 is a 2*port 10G line service processing board applied to Huawei OSN 1800V.

As a type of line board, the ND2 board converts 16 x ODU0, 8 x ODU1, 4 x ODUflex, or 2 x ODU2 signals into 2 x ITU-T G.694.1-compliant OTU2 signals or converts 2 x ODU2e signals into 2 x

ITU-T G.694.1-compliant OTU2e signals. The board supports hybrid transmission of ODU0, ODU1, ODU2/ODU2e, and ODUflex signals.

  • TNF5ND2 2-port 10G line service processing board
  • Applied to Huawei OSN 1800V
  • Supports Intra-Board 1+1 Protection
  • Supports ODUk SNCP, Tributary SNCP
  • Supports communication over ESCs
  • Supports Physical Clocks


Item TNF5ND2
Basic functions

Working modes of ND2 boards and their ports

ND2 boards do not support the setting of their working modes or their ports’ working modes. They support the following service conversions:

  • 16 x ODU0/8 x ODU1/2 x ODU2/4 x ODUflex <-> 2 x OTU2 (ODU is the abbreviated form of optical channel data unit, and OTU of optical channel transport unit.)
  • 2 x ODU2e <-> 2 x OTU2e

Supports hybrid transmission of ODU0, ODU1, ODUflex, ODU2, and ODU2e signals.

Cross-connect function

Implements service grooming when working with cross-connect boards.

16 x ODU0/8 x ODU1/4 x ODUflex/2 x ODU2/2 x ODU2e

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) specifications Supports ITU-T G.694.1-compliant dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) specifications.
Tunable wavelengths

Supports the optical tunable transponder. Equipped with this module, the board can tune the optical signal output on the WDM side within the range of 80 wavelengths in C-band with the channel spacing of 50 GHz.

Protection schemes Intra-Board 1+1 Protection Supported
ODUk SNCP Supported
Tributary SNCP Supported
Link-state pass through (LPT) Not supported
Overtemperature protection

If the working temperature of the board exceeds the configured threshold and services are affected, the board will automatically reset the key chip to prevent damages to the board.

Physical Clocks Supported
Automatic laser shutdown (ALS) Not supported
Maintenance features Loopbacks
  • Supports loopbacks on the WDM side.
  • Supports loopbacks on ODU0 channels.
  • Supports loopbacks on ODU1 channels.
  • Supports loopbacks on ODUflex channels.
Pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) test function

Supports the PRBS test function on the WDM side.

Test frames Not supported
Delay measurement (DM) Supported
Alarms and performance events monitoring
  • Monitors bit interleaved parity 8 (BIP8) bytes (Bursty mode) to help locate line failures.
  • Monitors parameters such as the bias current, operating temperature, and optical power of a laser.
  • Monitors OTN alarms and performance events.
OTN overheads

Adopts the ITU-T G.709-compliant frame format and overhead processing.

  • Provides path monitoring (PM) for ODU2, ODUflex, ODU1, and ODU0.
  • Provides section monitoring (SM) for OTU2.
  • Provides tandem connection monitoring (TCM) for ODU2, ODU1, and ODU0.
Outband DCN Supports communication over ESCs.


3-byte and 18-byte modes are supported.

FEC mode
  • Supports ITU-T G.709-compliant forward error correction (FEC) encoding.
  • Supports ITU-T G.975.1-compliant advanced forward error correction (AFEC)-2 encoding.


Boards adopting different error correction encoding modes cannot interoperate with each other.

Dimension (W x H x D, mm) 193.8 x 19.8 x 205.9
Weight(kg) 0.57kg

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