ZTE ZXA10 C650

ZTE ZXA10 C650

ZTE ZXA10 C650 19-inch Chassis with 2*Main Control Board, 2*PRVR DC power board.


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ZTE ZXA10 C650 OLT Overview

ZTE ZXA10 C650 19-inch Chassis with 2*Main Control Board, 2*PRVR DC power board.

ZTE ZXA10 C650 19-inch, 6U height Chassis

Regarding the main control board: You can choose SFUL, SFULV, SFUH (with 4*10GE optical upstream), SFUHV (with 4*10GE optical upstream).

As for the uplink board: XFTH(16-port GE/10GE Uplink); XFTO(8-ports 10GE Uplink)

  • Middle capacity and high bandwidth: Provides 7 service slots for plugging user-side line cards and network-side line cards.
  • Separated control and forwarding: Provides redundant control & switch card on the control plane, and supports dual matrix load balancing on the forwarding plane.
  • High availability: supports ISSU and NSR.
  • Card compatibility: The main cards are compatible with the ZXA10 C600; thereby saving the spare parts cost.
  • Consistent functions: The functions are consistent with the ZXA10 C600 to make the maintenance easier and to reduce the training expenditures.


Item ZTE ZXA10 C650 bundle
Main Control Board SFUL: 2
Uplink XFTO:2

10GE Ethernet Optical Interface Card with 8 ports 10GE Uplink each

Switching capacity of backplane bus ZXA10 C650: 6Tbit/s
Switching card switching capacity ZXA10 C650: 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching board SFUL/SFULV/SFUH/SFUHV)
System switching capacity ZXA10 C650: 7.2Tbit/s
Service Slots Remain 7
environment Operating temperature: -40℃~65℃ for overall unit

Starting up temperature: ≥-25℃

Operating humidity: 5%~95%, non-condensing

Altitude: ≤4000m

Air pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

Power Supply Mode(W) DC power supply:  -48V+/-20%, -60V+/-20%
Dimensions (mm) 263.9 mm × 482.6 mm × 285.3mm
Weight(kg) Empty frame: 12kg

Full configuration: <30kg

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 26.39 × 48.26 × 25.53 cm

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    ZTE ZXA10 C650 with 2*main control board, I chose the SFUL control board, they work well.

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