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PN 03024GDX
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Huawei 2-port 10GE optical uplink board without SFP+ Module

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H802X2CS Overview


The H802X2CS board is a 2-port 10GE/GE uplink interface card that provides two 10GE/GE upstream or cascading optical ports,  which can be used in the Huawei MA5600T serie OLT: MA5683T MA5680T.

You can run the network-role command in the GIU mode to switch the role of a port. Default role is uplink.

This board comes without any optical transceiver, but it is supposed to work with two SFP+, and there are two modules for your choice: 10GE 0.3km SFP+ and 10GE 10km SFP+.


Working principle of the H802X2CS board 


H802X2CS Datasheet


Item X2CS
Port 2 10GE Uplink Ports
Pluggable Module SFP+ Module
Corresponding Control Board SCUF/SCUN/SCUL/SCUH
Device Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 25.40 (W) x 237.00 (D) x 197.20 (H)
Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size
Power Consumption Static: 17.6 W
Maximum: 18 W
Maximum Frame Size 2052 bytes. After jumbo frame function is enabled, a maximum of 9216 bytes can be supported
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C
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MA5600T Serie OLT Uplink Service Board Comparison


Board Upstream Transmission (*) Cascading (*) Intra-board aggregation and Inter-board aggregation Clock Feature Port Pluggable Optical Module Pluggable Electrical Module
H801GICF Yes Yes Yes 1588ACR (with CKMD) Two GE ports SFP SFP
H801GICG Yes Yes Yes 1588ACR (with CKMD) Two GE electrical ports No No
H801X2CS Yes Yes Yes 10GE synchronous Ethernet Two 10GE ports SFP+ No
1588ACR (with CKMD)
H802X2CS Yes Yes Yes 10GE/GE synchronous Ethernet Two 10GE/GE ports SFP/SFP+ SFP
1588ACR (with CKMD)  
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  1. Argentina
    Se han recibido cinco piezas de X2CS sin ningún problema.

    Pero la velocidad de DHL es demasiado lenta, ¡espero que pueda enviarme a través de UPS la próxima vez!

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